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Are you still running a website that looks like from 1999? Do you want more modern, slick looking application? That can survive heavy traffic, is fast, Google likes it, is user friendly and looks good on both computer and mobile devices?

We can help.


Is Your current CMS not flexible enough? Is it missing some reports that are vital for Your business needs? Is Your current system running slowly and cannot accept all of Your users? Are you concerned about the security of Your current system?

We can help.


We are comfortable working with different project management systems (Basecamp, Wrike, Paymo, etc). Do you need someone that can take up a project, identify the needs, map them into tasks, gather all the needed materials and execute them? And all this on time?

We can help.


Is it a new gaming provider You would like to add to your casino? Or would you like to have user registration done with Facebook or SPAR? Or you would like to get Google Analytics values to your own reporting system?

We can help.


gambling & gaming development, with excellence
"nothing is impossible, it is just matter of effort you need to put into it"

Alimit Creative Solutions was founded in 2013 in Tartu, Estonia.

Since then we are specializing on building and maintaining customized solutions for gaming & gambling sites.

Currently we have multiple ongoing projects on hand, but there is always room for Your project. Just let us know. We might like it so much that we will make it our "high priority project". And hire additional developer. Or many.

We can do small projects. We can do big projects. Those will take more time, but will be superior in the end. Rome was not built within an day.

Nothing is impossible.


+7 years of experience from the gambling industry


owner, ceo, full stack developer

Dmitri Peterson

system architect, backend developer

Héctor G. A. Picón

senior frontend developer

Sander Tamme

frontend developer

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